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At present, our blog mainly has mobile phone topic and health &beauty topic. If you have more similar topic, you can contact us that we will check and release.

Our Guest Blog Policy

1. Guest posts must be your own work, new and unpublished.

2. Guest posts should be on topics that will mesh well with our blog. We want to make sure our readers get the same experience and value from a guest post. Below are relevant topics to Trend for Tech:


  • Mobile Phone
  • Smart home device

Health & Beauty

  • Beauty Tips or Tutorials
  • Skin Issues or Skin Care
  • Beauty Health & Fitness
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair
  • Oral care

3. Guest posts should have a similar formatting style to our published posts. So before you start, please read a few of our articles to get familiar with our formatting style. An average blog posts word count should be at a minimum of 500 words, and we need a cover image, size: 1000x666px and the content width is 800px, don’t use blurred images.

  • Easy to read, short paragraphs
  • Bold headers that highlight main points
  • Only post images that belong to you. Please do not use copyrighted images it will get us both in serious trouble.

4. By submitting a guest post, you are giving Trend for Tech permission to use this content on trendfortech.com and any social media platforms deemed appropriate to promote the post.

  1. Submission of a post does not guarantee publication.
  2. The publication will be at the discretion of Trendfortech. 
  3. We also encourage promoting your guest post on your blog and through social media to help increase engagement.

Want to be our editor

To be eligible to register for our editors, you must submit at least 10 original and high-quality articles on our website, and our editors can enjoy more background permission and article publishing permission. Your article can be published without review! 

How to register?

There is a registration list below this page, please fill in your name and email. After filling out, the page will not give you any tips, you need to check your email to set your login password. We will give you a subscriber position, when your article volume reaches our standard, you can contact us to help you change to an editor position.

Please submit the article directly, we will check it!

Notice: Didn’t find a topic that is right for you? Please leave a message in the submission form and we will review your suggestion.

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