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EL Y30
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The EL Y30 smartphone is one of the latest additions to the line-up of EL smartphones available in Nigeria. Few days after the launch, we gave you a first impression article and a video where we briefly touched on the key specifications of the device. Now we have a full review detailing the experience with the camera, its AI technology, performance and functionality.

Summary of its Key Features

8MP + 5MP back camera, 8MP front camera

The display size of 5.7 inches with 1440x720pixels resolution

3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage

3000 mAh battery

Android 9 Pie operating system

The Camera

When I think of camera when it comes to EL devices, I think of the EL Camon line of smartphones. It is well known that EL emphasizes camera action on the Camon series, but it looks like the EL Y30 is stealing some of that spotlight.

Equipped with the latest AI Technology, the success of K30 is predicted to surpass that of its predecessors. K30 takes photography to a whole new level as it is a by-product of a rigorous research of many human faces. Come and try K30 series, the AI Beauty Mode will blow your mind.

-Said by Brand Manager EL Nigeria

Will it really blow our minds? Let’s find out.

The K30 comes with a dual rear camera comprising of an 8MP main shooter and a 5MP secondary sensor for portraits while its front camera is 8MP. It seems like AI (Artificial Intelligence) Camera is no longer a rare find in the latest smartphones and the EL Y30 is not an exception. But first, what does AI camera do? AI Cameras help to save time by smartly performing the required enhancement in real time, which would otherwise require hours of editing with Photoshop and the likes.

As for the EL Y30, it can recognize different face features and automatically give some level of re-touch to your photos – giving your pictures an edited feeling. Asides that, the AI camera helps to enhance contrast and color saturation, highlights your forehead, nose and lips. On the device, you can switch between various modes such as Video, AI CAM, Beauty, Bokeh, and AR Shot, to suit your preference.


Honestly, when I heard the price of the EL Y30, I had zero expectations of its camera. Not like I expected it to completely whack but I didn’t expect so much from it. My verdict? The camera is a lot better than I imagined. It’s not some Samsung S10 ninja stunt going on there, but it’s a lot better than most smartphones in the same range of the EL Y30.



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