Vaping gear maintenance guide: how to store your e-liquid and how to clean your vaping device?

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If you are like most vapers, you probably have a mini collection of e-liquids with plenty of flavors to choose from. When you are not using your e-liquid, the question on how to store it comes up quite naturally. So, where and how should you keep your e-liquid? There are a few rules to follow here:


First, keep your e-liquids away from light and heat. Both sunlight and high temperatures can negatively affect the components of your e-liquid. While your e-liquid will start to vaporize at really high temperatures of over 140 degrees Celsius, a temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius is enough to make your vape juice unstable.


Some vapers even opt for keeping their e-liquids in the fridge — but this is a bit extreme. Refrigerating your e-liquids may work well if your vape juices are high in PG. However, if you keep e-liquids with a high VG content in the fridge, they will get thicker. Note that if you do decide to keep your vaping juices in the fridge, make sure to only vape them when they have warmed up to room temperature.


Second, make sure you choose proper containers. The main factor that will affect the flavor and quality of your e-liquid is oxidation. Unfortunately, even if your e-liquid is stored in bottles made of high-quality plastic, they still remain permeable: this means that air can get in and affect your vape juice. In order to avoid it, it’s best to keep your e-liquids in small plastic bottles placed in sealable bags.


Finally, the most important rule for storing your e-liquids is to keep them away from children and pets. Even if your e-liquids are kept in securely closed bottle and sealed containers, there is always a chance that, given enough time, your child or per may manage to open the packaging and get to the e-liquids. It is, thus, strongly recommended that you keep your vaping liquids in locked cabinets or closets.


If you follow these simple rules, your e-liquids will be able to preserve their flavour and quality for as long as two years.


The second question we are answering today is how to clean your vaping gear. Naturally, the precise cleaning instructions will differ from one device to another and it is always best to carefully read the manual that comes with your vaping device or contact the manufacturer directly if you have any questions.


In short, however, these are the steps for cleaning your vaping device:


First, take your vaping gadget apart.

You will see that there are rubber bands at the top and bottom of the atomizing core. Carefully remove them using tweezers and do your best not to lose them.

Place the mouthpiece, atomization chamber, rubber ring, smoke pipe, atomizer core base and the other parts in warm water for about 10 minutes.

Dry each component separately with a towel and prepare them for another soak — this time in cold water. Dry each component with a towel.

Now, take a cotton swab and soak it in alcohol for a few minutes. Then, clean each of the parts thoroughly to remove any remaining dirt. IMPORTANT: do not use alcohol on the rubber rings as it may damage them.

Finally, rinse each part under warm water and dry them one last time.

Now you can re-assemble your atomizer.

Let it rest for a few minutes before refilling the e-liquid and enjoying a new vaping session.


There you have it! A few simple rules to follow to make sure vaping gear and e-liquids are in tip-top shape.


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