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What do you need to start vaping?

There can be many reasons why one might want to start vaping. For most people, however, it’s a way to stop smoking and transition to a habit that, according to Public Health England, is 95% less health risky. So, what do you need to start vaping?

Pick a vaping device

The first thing you will need to get to start vaping is a vaping device. And there are several types of vaping devices out there:

E-cigarettes. These are the vaporizers that look very much like cigarettes — and, in fact, this is pretty much what the first ever vaping devices looked like as well. E-cigarettes are a great first step for those who want their vaping experience to replicate smoking almost precisely — but it does come with its own set of limitations.

Examples of devices: MyBlu, Mig Cig, VaporFi, etc.

Pocket vapes. These are compact vaporizers that are typically designed specifically for first-time vapers. There are made for portability and are super easy to use. Most of these devices are draw-activated and come with replaceable pods — this means you won’t need to manually refill your e-liquid but simply get a new pod every time you are out of e-liquid.

Examples of devices: JUUL, iQ Air, SMOK Infinix, etc.

Box mod vaporizers. These are the most sophisticated and complicated types of vaporisers — which also allow for most customization. These devices are typically sought-after among experienced vapers and cloud chasers and let you play around with settings for the best flavor experience.

Examples of devices: SMOK T-PRIV, Vaporesso POLAR, VooPoo DRAG 2, etc.

Hybrids. Hybrids are vaping devices that go somewhere in the middle between pocket vapes and professional box mods. They are typically medium-sized devices with either refillable or one-time-use pods with no learning curve to get started — and you get to make pretty big clouds.

Examples of devices: SMOK NORD, iQ One, Suorin Vagon, etc.

Pick your e-liquid

This is the fun part. You will get to choose between a wide range of flavors from icy mango to cappuccino and strawberry to classic tobacco. But before you get to choosing the flavor, take some time to look into the other components of your e-liquid.

First, decide whether you want to vape free base or nic salts. Without getting into too much detail, nic salts are known for closely imitating a smoking sensation and are able to deliver higher nicotine concentrations in one puff.

Speaking of nicotine concentrations, this is another thing to consider. If you are an ex-smoker, start with the e-liquids that will deliver a similar amount of nicotine into your system: nic salts might be the best option here. As you move towards quitting nicotine altogether, lower its concentration until you get to nicotine-free e-liquids.

Finally, choose the right VG/PG ratio. Liquids with higher VG (vegetable glycerin) concentration make for bigger clouds but might clog up your device. Liquids high in PG (propylene glycol) are clearer and less sticky but will also produce less clouds. Note that some people are also allergic to propylene glycol (about 4% of the population) — if this is the case with you, look for e-liquids that are 100% VG.

And…that’s pretty much it. Once you have your vaping gadget and your e-liquid, you can start blowing clouds.


How to go from smoking to vaping? And should you?

For a lot of us, when we think of vaping we see stuck-up hipsters blowing clouds of flavorful smoke at chic parties and in trending Instagram posts. However, the industry has much humbler beginnings than all the hype might suggest.

The first electronic cigarette was invented back in the early 1960s by Herbert A. Gilbert but never received commercial success because of the popularity of traditional tobacco cigarettes. More than four decades later, a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik came up with what we now know as modern e-cigarettes and vaping devices. Devastated by his father’s death from lung cancer, Hon Lik developed his first electronic cigarette as an alternative to smoking in the beginning of the 2000’s and went on to release a commercial version of the device to the international market in 2006.

The design, functionality and even mode of operation of vaping devices have since undergone significant changes. And the original purpose of electronic smoking gadgets has been somewhat shrouded in the smoke of vaping industry’s own success.

So how is vaping better than smoking and is it, in reality, an efficient way to quit traditional cigarettes?

The truth is, even before vaping hit the scene, there were plenty of “transitional” products marketed as smoking cessation aids: gum, lozenges, nicotine patches and the like.

While quite helpful in dealing with the stress associated with kicking the habit, neither of these methods were able to replicate the social and physical rituals associated with smoking: hand movements, a way to break the ice or simply having a cigarette with coffee.

And this is where vaping comes in. While traditional cigarettes burn tobacco (along with 7,000 other chemicals) to deliver their effect, e-cigarettes use an electric charge to vaporise a dose of nicotine (if you choose to use nicotine-enhanced e-liquids) together with a set of flavoring chemicals. While not 100% harmless (then again, what is?), vaping has been scientifically proven to be a healthier alternative to smoking as well as a strong step towards stopping smoking altogether. In fact, according to a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine, over 18% of smokers who switched to electronic smoking devices have been able to drop the habit within a year.

Not all modern-day vapers vape to quit smoking — the activity has taken on a life of its own and has large numbers of dedicated followers all over the world. With that comes a variety of vaping devices and accessories from cig-a-likes and vape pens to box mods and pod-mods. If you are new to vaping, this variety may seem overwhelming at first.

However, some brands aim to make things easier taking the vaping experience all the way back to its humble beginnings: helping you quit smoking. One of them is the young company called IQ Vape that have released a line of bright minimalistic vaping devices and accessories offering a guided and informed introduction into a tobacco-free life. Each of the company’s vaping products is designed specifically for those making the transition and, when selecting e-liquids, vapers are encouraged to slowly lower the nicotine content from 5% all the way to 0%.

And while you may still be wondering if vaping is for you or whether it will ever be able to replace a traditional cigarette, at least, there is now an easy way to put this idea to the test.


What’s the difference between atomizer and cartomizer?

Basically, an atomizer is any device that emits water (or any other liquid) in the form of spray. In the vaping world, this translates into any device that can be used to vaporize e-liquid.

Technically, the word “atomizer” refers to the coil of a vape tank — but these days it is often used to refer to an entire vape tank. Thus, clearomizers and cartomizers are all considered atomizers.

But, if we get technical, there are minor differences between the terms.

Thus, a cartomizer is a part of the vaping device that attaches to the battery. Cartomizers are typically pre-filled and replaceable. The term is made up of two words —cartridge and atomizer — and the word is often used to describe cigarette-like devices like iQ Aura.


What are the most compact pod mods?

If you are looking for portability in your vaping gadgets, pod mods are the way to go. In addition to being compact, they are typically very easy in use — and that’s why a lot of new vapers opt for these instead of the more complicated box mods. A number of brands have recognized the popularity of these devices, so you should not be strapped for choice if you are looking for a small vaping gadget. JUUL is probably the one that would come to mind first when you think of a mini pod mod — but it’s, by far, not your only option. iQ Air by iQ Vape is just as light and portable but much more budget-friendly. Other brands you might want to check out are Kandypens, SMOK, Smoking Vapour, Suorin and a few others.


Does e-cigarette vapour trigger smoke detectors in aircraft toilets?

Before getting into detail on this, it’s important to note that vaping on a plane (and this includes an airplane bathroom) is illegal. And as some of the recent incidents illustrate, this is not a rule to be taken lightly. As an example, a passenger who was vaping on a Spirit Airlines flight has received a lifetime ban from the airline.

So, will the clouds from your vaping gadget set off a smoke alarm? It depends on a few factors.

You may have seen videos on YouTube where people blow clouds right into their home smoke alarms and nothing happens. Well, smoke detectors on a plane are a bit different — and much more sensitive. According to reports (and yes, there are those who have tried this) even blowing vapor on the floor will trigger a plane’s smoke alarm. Blowing clouds into the sink or toilet might prevent the vapor from reaching the smoke detector — but this hardly makes for a pleasant vaping experience — especially with the risks involved.


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