How to Aid Mental Health?

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We often take so much care of our physical stage, that we completely neglect our mental well being. Having good mental health is key to leading a successful life. Around 300 million humans are completely down in mental health. Having weak mental health can lead to death, and several other diseases, both psychological and physical. If one does not suffer from depression or anxiety, or any other such diseases does not necessarily mean that he or she is completely fit mentally. Having good mental health can help us to get more and more ideas. Mental health can easily be improved by some small steps. So, given below are 10 ways to improve your mental health.

1. Start your day with a cup of coffee

Consuming tea can be linked to having lower depression levels, thus helping you to improve your mental health. Tea also can be used. Always have a full night’s sleep and get up early. Also, getting up and going to bed at the same time every day is said to help your brain process an internal clock and also to help stress levels.

2. Write a journal or keep a diary

Keeping a journal can help your brain more than you think. Always have an order. If you think that carrying a diary or journal with you always seems awkward, try installing an app. Apps like MoodNotes and Momento are good apps that let you keep track. Also, follow a routine timetable. The difficult part here is to maintain the journal and not to lose track.

3. Sleep Comfortably

Sleeping comfortably is essential to mental health. Always be comfortable. Instead of buying a stack of cheap pillows, buy a good quality one. The result can be noticed almost immediately. Another way to ensure a good night’s sleep is to lower the temperature. If you can, try the most not to sleep in a hot, humid, or sweaty state. The ideal sleeping temperature is 60’ – 67’ F. Also, keep the clock far away, so that you will not be able to take glances at the clock. If you don’t get a night of proper sleep, it may lead to anxiety, impatience, and a hot temper.

4. Try new things

If you have the time, instead of lazing around, try something new. If you are interested in cooking, try cooking something new, or just build a recipe yourself. If you are more of a geek, learn a new computer language or experiment with your computer. If you have none of these skills, learn a new language. You never know when it comes handy. Start out with easy languages, preferably French or surprisingly, Norwegian (Voted as the easiest language for English speaker to get used to.)

5. Adopt a pet

Adopting a pet can help you a lot. You constantly will have a sort of a buddy to play around with. It is scientifically proven that adopting a pet can reduce stress and anxiety levels. Adopting a pet can distract you from your daily life. Moreover, you definitely won’t feel bored. The best pet to adopt is a dog or a cat. Dogs can not only help you but can also guard your home as well. Cats, on the other hand, can kill rodents and snakes.

6. Pursue a new hobby

Pursuing a new hobby can help your mind to be focused. Always try to get a hobby which you can do. If you are good in English, don’t try rocket engineering. Learning new stuff can help you to stand out. It can also aid you in joining different clubs. Plus, you never know when your hobby can help you. Trying new hobbies can broaden your perspective.

7. Take a walk in the sunshine

Taking long, cool walks can help you clear your mind. Often, taking walks can get you to peace, lower your temper, and reduce your stress. Biking is also an option. Getting that sunshine might also help you out, as you will probably be sitting inside all day. Sunshine is a good way of fulfilling your body vitamin D requirements also.

8. Give whatever you can

Helping others can help you out mentally. If you are free on a Friday or Saturday, try being a volunteer at your local scouts’ club. Engage in different activities. Also, if somebody needs something, and you have two of them, always be willing to give one. This can inspire our minds. Helping is also another good idea.

9. Stay in touch

Always be connected. This also helps our mental health, in fact, being connected is a huge way of shaping our mentality. Talk often to family and friends. Give co-workers a call. Join clubs or groups. Even a local dinnertime club can suit you well. Meet up with old friends, set up parties with long-distance neighbours and relatives.

10. Try natural and chemical remedies

If nothing else seems to work, try going on medication. One such popular remedy is CBD Oil. CBD oil is a natural remedy used for many such ailments. CBD oil has many uses. Relieving pain, reducing acne, and alleviating Cancer-related symptoms are to name a few. But the highlight of CBD Oil is that it can help reduce stress and depression. CBD Oil also has special neuroprotective properties.  It’s said to be able to help relieve symptoms of anxiety.


Being mentally fit is also key in our total well being. Taking small steps like these can greatly influence your brain and your mental health. Always stay healthy and happy. Before taking any sort of chemical medication, consult your doctor.



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