EL D58 water screen phone is good or bad?

EL D58
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EL D58 is the first new EL brand phone released this year that use the water screen design. Here are some of the reviews:

Appearance and workmanship

“Enjoy life” is the concept of EL brand to make mobile phones. Therefore, the appearance of each mobile phone has been studied and polished in great detail. The EL D58 presents a natural beauty, with a teardrop-shaped camera position that gives a harmonious sense of movement. Thanks to the excellent closed mode in the industry, the 5.7-inch full screen has a narrow jaw and accounts for 89% of the overall screen, which makes the visual effect very good.

With the latest glass, the crash resistance and wear resistance are further improved.On the back is 2.5d glass. The camera and flash are placed in the middle of the upper, the overall body is relatively thin, the grip is very good, not slippery, unisex. It keeps the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is all very practical.


The main factors determining the speed of a mobile phone include memory, storage and processor. Because the mobile phone runs in addition to various calculations, it also constantly retrieves various files, memory size and file read/write speed. The impact is still very large, the most obvious difference is when installing and downloading software, opening larger pages, and when transferring photo videos.

The EL D58 is equipped with a 1GB RAM+8GB ROM memory combination, which is relatively fast at present! Despite the MKT6580 processor, the overall performance is impressive. The daily applications, including playing the king’s glory, don’t really make a difference, because the processor’s capabilities are far beyond the hardware requirements of the various apps.

 About the camera

In today’s mobile phones, taking photos is a very important selling point. Many people choose mobile phones depending on taking photos. The EL D58 has two rear cameras, a 5-megapixel main camera and a 300-megapixel auxiliary camera, and a 2-megapixel front camera. You can be very beautiful and natural from F2.0 aperture.

In short, EL D58 is a beautiful and practical mobile phone, very cost-effective, the so-called cheap and fine in this mobile phone, if you like you can pay attention to it and I believe it will give you the feeling of heartbreak!



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